Corona Del Mar, California – A Beautiful Evening

Okay, more from Chicago later because now I am in CALIFORNIA and too excited to share what I have been up to so far. One of the best parts of being here is the fact that I left right when the snow started in Chicago. So I win! (If you couldn’t tell I am not the biggest fan of winter and snow.)

Corona Del Mar 12Corona Del Mar 11

As soon as I got here, I knew I wanted to go to the beach. So I planned a bonfire for the very next day, which is one of my favorite things to do. For this, so far I have found that Corona Del Mar Beach is the best. It’s located in a residential area and not too crowded.

Corona Del Mar 1Corona Del Mar 20

There are several pits located on the sand to make bonfires.

Corona Del Mar 16

For a bonfire you need: coals (and or wood but in Corona Del Mar you aren’t allowed to bring wood and I don’t know why because wood makes a better and bigger fire), lighter fluid, lighter, and a whole bunch of snacks like chips, cookies and s’mores! Don’t forget skewers for s’mores because it’s rare that you will find sticks laying around the beach.

Corona Del Mar 14

We usually arrive at the beach before the sunset so we can watch that because nothing beats those California beach sunsets.

Corona Del Mar 13Corona Del Mar 4

Trying to spell Cali (the struggle is real…)

Corona Del Mar 5Corona Del Mar 6Corona Del Mar 7

Close enough…

Corona Del Mar 18Corona Del Mar 8

Then, when we are satisfied enough with our sunset pictures we start the bonfire!

Corona Del Mar 21

Honestly, if you have not done this in California, you need to. There is something about sitting around a fire, eating junk, laughing with friends and playing music (I’d suggest bringing Bluetooth speakers to connect to your phones or iPods) that is so magical.


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