Fish Tacos in Southern California

This week it’s all about food! Brace yourself because you might end up feeling hungry by the end of this post and I would like to apologize in advance for it.Fish

While in Cali, food wise, my intentions were to have as many fish tacos as I possibly could have! I’m going to name some places in order of my preference.

1. Oscar’sSan Diego, CA

Oscars Tacos San Diego

Although I did not get to go to Oscar’s this time around, I have to mention it because it’s my all time favorite fish taco place so far. And I would like to tell you that if you are ever in this area, you HAVE to stop by here!

The tacos are a perfect size and the perfect crunch with the perfect amount of flavor in every bite. You just can’t stop eating them!

A friend of mine says there is another place that beats Oscar’s but I have yet to try it. And when I do, I will update this post with my opinion!

Oh, and just in case you are wondering, I did not devour all of those tacos by myself that are pictured above.

2. Plancha Tacos Venice, CA


I’ve talked about this place in my Venice post too. The fish is nicely crisped and the chipotle sauce adds extra flavor. Most of their sauces were very fresh and flavorful, especially the salsa verde.

Plancha Tacos 2

However, the guacamole could have been better. The consistency of it was too thin for my liking.

3. Pacific Fish Grill Chino Hills, CA

Pacific Fish Grill 1

When I lived in Chino, I used to go here all the time and order a fish taco with a side of french fries (I know, it’s such a brilliant combination).

Pacific Fish Grill 2

The fish tacos are good and especially on a Taco Tuesday (only .99 cents people!!!) it’s a great deal. The fries are beautifully seasoned, crispy and are a big portion so get them with the intention of paying a visit to the gym later. Honestly, the taco could have easily tied at number 2 with Plancha Tacos but I just wish they would go easy on the cabbage.

In terms of other food from here, whatever I have tried has been pretty tasty. Their steak skewers are very juicy and full of flavor!

4. Oh, Queso! Chino Hills, CA


I originally went here for their carne asada fries. Which are absolutely delicious; tender steak, crispy fries with perfectly melted cheese. What more could you want? But since I was there, I thought I might as well try their fish taco too. It was decent but I wish the breading on the fish had a little more flavor and be a little more crispy. They have a beef and potato taco which is their specialty and was a lot better in my opinion.

Also, the service here is excellent and the staff is very friendly!

Anyone know of any other good fish taco places in SOCAL? I would love to try them out next time I am there.







  1. I had fish tacos for the first time when we visited San Diego last fall. They were SOOOOO good. Next time we are there I will stop by Oscar’s because those look even better than the ones I had.

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