Susquehanna River – Harrisburg, PA

If you randomly find yourself in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, don’t panic! It may seem like a place with not much happening but you will be surprised once you decide to give it a chance.

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I go here a lot because my sister lives here. And if I’m honest, staying here for more than a weekend sometimes could have felt like torture if it wasn’t for my awesome family and friends. However, I did eventually learn to appreciate it.

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There are some hidden gems to be discovered and I try to find new ones whenever I go. I will start off with the Susquehanna River (I guess this one’s not that hidden).

I remember several years ago before my sister moved there, I went to visit friends. They asked what I wanted to do and in response I immediately asked “Where is that place with those cool steps by some body of water?” I remembered seeing pictures of it on someone’s Facebook page.

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One of them looked at me a little surprised because to her it was nothing special. I guess when you’ve lived somewhere your whole life and have grown up seeing the same things all the time, they lose importance.

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Regardless of their hesitation, they took me there. I loved it. There is something about bodies of water that really attracts me to them.

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I find myself going to this river a lot when I’m in town. We usually try to find parking on State St. which has a view of Harrisburg’s beautiful capitol building along with other charming structures. Then, we walk towards Front St. which is parallel to the river.

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There is a sidewalk that runs along the river and is a great place to walk or run which in fact I used to do often when I stayed for a couple of months. And, of course, my favorite time to go there is around sunset (as you can probably tell).

You will find bridges and cow statues (yes, cow statues with art on them) as you walk along the river.

Susquehanna River Harrisburg Pennsylvania 11

These statues are probably one of my favorite things in Harrisburg!



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