Indiana Dunes State Park, IN – Flashback to Warmth

As a lover of warm weather, I can’t help but think about warmer days.

Indiana Dunes State Park 16

It’s now the end of January and I am so ready for the summer even though it will still be a while before it’s here. But, I do have to say that I am thankful that winter here in Chicago has been relatively mild this season compared to previous years.

Indiana Dunes State Park 4

This post is a flashback to my first summer in Chicago (last year) and I guess I couldn’t stay away from a beach post for long.

Indiana Dunes State ParkIndiana Dunes State Park 10

My four year old niece, much like me, adores the beach. So I had to make sure I gave her that experience here as well.

Indiana Dunes State Park 2Indiana Dunes State Park 11

I know there are beaches in Chicago by Lake Michigan but I wanted to get away from the city which is why we ended up at the Indiana Dunes State Park. It’s about an hour and a half from where I live and is also located at the southern tip of Lake Michigan. And is in a whole other state!

Indiana Dunes State Park 7

My friends were also visiting from California at the time so I thought it would be nice to show them a Midwest beach. Their eyes have been spoiled by Cali beaches so this was a slightly different experience for them. A lake instead of an ocean, occasional cloudy days instead of clear sunny ones and green bushes/trees instead of scattered palm trees.

Indiana Dunes State Park 3

It was a little cloudy at the time but that didn’t prevent us from having fun! We enjoyed the heck out of the day as we spent most of it there.

We sat, relaxed, ran in and out of the water and also tried flying a kite. Key word here is TRIED. Flying a kite looks so simple, you just unwind the string slowly and run, right?

Indiana Dunes State Park 6

Nope. We spent a good two hours running around with the kite but we accomplished nothing except looking ridiculous. It was a complete failed attempt. I guess we need to watch YouTube tutorials on how to fly kites because apparently there is an art to it.

Indiana Dunes State Park 5

I think we were better off just chilling and enjoying the beautiful sunset.

Indiana Dunes State Park 14Indiana Dunes State Park 9

The best way to pay for a lovely moment is to enjoy it. – Richard Bach

Besides warmth, all I ever need is good company and a beautiful setting. Who’s with me?



  1. Love the beach here (I’ll take what I can get… haha) and sharing of your beautiful photos is timed perfectly in this cold weather 🙂

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