A Day in Philadelphia, PA

If you’ve been following my posts, you will notice I had a very eventful summer last year. Continuing with that awesome time in my life, this post is about a day that I spent in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

Independence Hall Philadelphia Pennsylvania 1

I had been to Philly a few times before too, but this time it was to show a friend around. Luckily, because of my previous few visits I had been acquainted enough with the city to be somewhat of a tour guide.

We were staying at my sister’s in Harrisburg which is 2 hours away (not bad for a day trip) from Philly. If you click on this link, you will be directed to a google map guide of the route we took on foot to see the city.

I usually use the Park-Me app on my phone to find the cheapest parking in and around cities I visit. So far, it’s been really helpful with the exception of maybe 2 or 3 times.

South St Philadelphia Pennsylvania

I found parking somewhere around the Reading Terminal Market where we had lunch. From there we were going to the Magic Garden – Independence Hall – Liberty Bell then back to our parking and home.

Personally, I think the best way to explore any city and to really take it in is by walking through it. As we walked to South St, we had fun looking at all the cool houses on 12th Street.

Magic Garden Philadelphia Pennsylvania 4

It took us about 20 minutes of strolling to get to Philadelphia’s Magic Garden. I think my friend would agree when I say, we really enjoyed this place a lot. The whole space is a work of art created by Isaiah Zagar by collecting various materials like tiles, bottles, mirrors, etc.

Magic Garden Philadelphia Pennsylvania 10Magic Garden Philadelphia Pennsylvania 2

It’s a huge mural that you can walk through and everywhere you look there is something different and unique to see!

Magic Garden Philadelphia Pennsylvania 8Magic Garden Philadelphia Pennsylvania 7

We kind of went over board with pictures here (who wouldn’t though?) and it was really hard to choose which ones to show.

Magic Garden Philadelphia Pennsylvania 6

We also really made good use of our selfie stick, by taking such natural posed pictures…

us 1

So, after we were done with that, we continued on our way towards the Independence Hall which is a historic site in the US. It’s where the Deceleration of Independence was adopted and where the Constitution of the United States was drafted and signed (basically, it’s the birthplace of America). There is also an option of going inside on a tour which would have been cool too but we didn’t have enough time.

Independance Hall Philadelphia Pennsylvania

Then, right across the street from it was the Liberty Bell, another iconic symbol of American Independence.

Liberty Bell Philadelphia Pennsylvania

It’s kind of mind boggling to know that you are walking around in a place where history was made! A feeling that I can’t really describe but those of you who’ve gone to such places probably know what I’m talking about.




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