Waterfall Glen – Darien, IL

**Edited on January 5, 2017**

I have no idea what happened to this blog post, but I recently noticed that it was blank! So because of that, you will only be seeing pictures from a hike I took last winter when the weather finally lit up. It was a gorgeous 40ΒΊF after being below freezing for several days. Enjoy! πŸ™‚waterfall-glen-forest-preserve-illinois-10waterfall-glen-forest-preserve-illinois-9 waterfall-glen-forest-preserve-illinois-8 waterfall-glen-forest-preserve-illinois-7 waterfall-glen-forest-preserve-illinois-6 waterfall-glen-forest-preserve-illinois-5 waterfall-glen-forest-preserve-illinois-3 waterfall-glen-forest-preserve-illinois-1 waterfall-glen-forest-preserve-illinois-4


  1. Growing up and living in Illinois, sometimes it feels like we’ve got absolutely nothing in the way of wilderness, just cornfields running in every direction. Sometimes it takes a little seeking and searching for the right place, and I’m so happy that you found a good spot near Glen Ellyn. I’ve never hiked in that part of the state, but I have some friends that previously lived in Darien and enjoyed the area. The frozen falls in your picture are quite lovely, reminding me how enjoyable being outside in winter can be! Thanks for sharing such a wonderful post!

    • Yea, coming from warmth and mountains everywhere in California, adjusting in Illinois has been hard. But I haven’t given up on finding nice places to enjoy nature. Glad you enjoyed the post!

      • Compared to California, this part of the Midwest must seem pretty barren (again, except for corn!) but well done on persevering and finding some great spots! If you find yourself near the Quad Cities, I’d be happy to share some of spots where we’ve ventured here.

    • tayonthemove Reply

      Thank you, glad you enjoyed them! Yea winter hikes have their own beauty.

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