Maggie Daley Park – Chicago, IL

Two weekends ago, Chicago did a weird thing. It was 55 degrees on a Saturday in February! So, of course I had to be out! I had family over which meant there were 3 kids in the house that needed to be entertained.

Maggie Daley Park Chicago 9

I had been hearing about the Maggie Daley Park for a while since I moved here because people have suggested I take my nieces there. So naturally I looked it up but haven’t had the chance to go check it out yet.

Maggie Daley Park Chicago 1

I took that beautiful Saturday to do so. So glad I did because it was such a cool place. Not for the kids only but the adults enjoyed it too!

You get to it by crossing a bridge that is next to the Jay Pulitzer pavilion in Millennium Park. Once on the bridge, you immediately start to see various fun things like a rock climbing wall and several different play grounds.

Maggie Daley Park Chicago 2

My favorite area was the one with all the slides. There were slides of all different sizes! My nieces enjoyed those the most as well.

Maggie Daley Park Chicago 5

I may have been slightly more excited than I should have been. Unfortunately, all the fun things are for kids 12 and under so I couldn’t really go on anything even though I totally wanted to! lol

Maggie Daley Park Chicago 3Maggie Daley Park Chicago 6

The location is not bad either. On one side you see the Chicago skyline and on the other, you have the view of Lake Michigan. Not too shabby for a park!

Maggie Daley Park Chicago 8




  1. Not to shabby for a park, indeed! It looks like a really fun place, and I’m not sure I would be able to resist climbing, jumping, and swinging on everything like I was still 12 years old!

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