Los Sanchez – Garden Grove, CA

Mexican food is one of my favorite type of cuisines and I have it any chance I get. This time I’m taking you to Los Sanchez Restaurant located in Garden Grove, California.

Los Sanchez 9

First and foremost I have to point out the staff here is REALLY friendly! They are so nice and answer any questions you have without being annoyed! Secondly, you better come here with an empty stomach because the portion sizes are huge!

Los Sanchez 6

We came to have a very late lunch, around 3 pm so you can imagine we were quite hungry. We ordered a lot of food even for the four of us. Mostly because everything looked so good and we wanted to try everything! (It seems I am constantly facing this problem when I go to new place…lol)

Los Sanchez 4

Okay, let me try to remember exactly what we ordered: Carne Asada Tacos, Grilled Fish Tacos, Carne Asada Fries, Sopes, Cheeese Enchilada, Fish Enchilada, and Chicken Tortilla Soup. In our defense we were not aware of the portion sizes! And we all shared everything because sharing is caring! Besides all of that, they also give you chips and guacamole for free once you order…LOL!

Los Sanchez 2

It was all authentic and delicious. The only slightly negative thing I’d have to say is that the Grilled Fish Tacos weren’t as flavorful as the rest of the food.

There was also a salsa bar to amp up the flavors already present!

Los Sanchez 7

In addition, if like us, you want to try a lot of things, they offer a mini taco option too. And if I was smart, I would have ordered that instead and maybe have felt a little better about myself after that whole meal.

The restaurant itself also had a fun vibe to it. They had a couple of mannequins randomly seated throughout.

Los Sanchez 8

Would I eat here again? YES!



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