Wednesday Wisdom – It takes nothing to join the crowd…

It takes nothing to join the crowd. It takes everything to stand alone. -Hans F. Hansen

It takes nothing to join the crowd

I remembered a conversation I recently had about my hijab. I was talking to someone about how difficult it has been finding a job lately and they asked me if I thought it was because I wore a hijab. I told her that I would not have thought that a few years ago, but right now I do feel like that sometimes (due to all the Islamophobia). She then asked me if I would consider taking it off for job purposes. I responded by saying I would not because I don’t really know who I am without it. The hijab defines me and I have been wearing it most of my adult life. I don’t feel that I need to take it off to get something.

I know I am not alone in wearing one, but I do know that I shouldn’t have to conform to societal norms to get what I want no matter how hard it may be at times. It’s important to remember that we are all unique individuals and we should stand up for what we believe in!

Also, as a side note, being a Muslim American, it’s important for me to help alleviate misconceptions about Islam. So, if you are interested in learning about what true Islam is really about, here is a link that helps break it down in 11 points.



  1. I’ve found that when I have the courage to stand alone, seldom am I alone for long!

    I’m sorry to hear that the job hunt has been difficult. I can relate; my job ends in about a month and I’ve yet to find suitable replacement. It’s a bit troublesome, but I’m not too worried yet. I’m doubly sorry to hear that in some cases that’s a result of people not understanding your hijab. In the long run, I doubt that you would want to work someplace where the people discriminate against it, but that doesn’t necessarily make the process any easier now.

    No doubt any employer would be lucky to have you!

    • Thanks Wade, that is very nice of you to say! And you are right, I wouldn’t want to work in a place that discriminates anyway. Good luck to you on your job hunt, it’s crazy out there! 🙂

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