United Arab Emirates – A Dream

It’s about time that I share one of the most epic international trips I did a few years back in 2010. Being a lover of interior design and architecture, I was always in awe of the structures and designs found in Dubai and Abu Dhabi and it was one of my dreams to go there.

I had been planning on going for several years, but having traditional Pakistani parents it was almost impossible to get permission to go. After trying to convince them for two years, my mom finally agreed and convinced my dad to let me go as a graduation present.What helped was that I had made a really good friend who was from the UAE. Her father still lived there so we would be going and staying at his apartment.

This trip was like a dream (#blessed). It was the first time I was going somewhere internationally with a friend and without my parents (every desi kid’s dream).

I went for three weeks, two of which were spent in Abu Dhabi and one of which was spent in Dubai. At this time, Abu Dhabi was really emerging and becoming popular and competing with Dubai (which has always been the more well known emirate).

I’ve been wanting to share this trip with you all for a while because it is one that I reminisce about a lot (a time before the worries of adulthood). But since I did so much, I didn’t know exactly how I would break it down. What I’ve decided to do is make a post for every place I went to or activity that I did.

Here is a list of some of the places I will be posting about:

  1. Heritage Village
  2. Emirates Palace Hotel
  3. Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque
  4. Corniche Rd.
  5. Yas Island
  6. Burj Al Arab
  7. Desert Safari
  8. Atlantis Hotel
  9. Madinat Jumeriah Hotel

Besides all of these, I’m sure I will have other random things to share with you as well so stay tuned until Monday when it all begins!

Is there some place where you’ve always wanted to go? Please share!


  1. I’m excited to read about the places you visited and your experiences while there.

    There are too many places I want to go to list here!

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