Emirates Palace Hotel, Abu Dhabi, UAE

When I was in school, I randomly used to look up luxury hotels and go through their photo galleries for inspiration and also just for fun.

Emirates Palace Abu Dhabi 21

The Emirates Palace Hotel was one of the first ones I had heard about in the UAE (besides the famous Burj-Al-Arab).

Emirates Palace Abu Dhabi 8

When a friend told me about it, I immediately looked it up. From the pictures, I remember being more impressed with the exterior design and architecture of it rather than the interior. When I finally went and saw it with my own eyes, I still felt the same way.

Emirates Palace Abu Dhabi 9

It definitely lived up to it’s name in that it looked like a palace.We didn’t get to go in any of the rooms or suites (I’m sure they are magnificent) but we did get to go inside and see the main areas like the lobby and the courtyard.

Emirates Palace Abu Dhabi 1

When you enter through the main entrance, it is massive, just as you would have imagined.

Emirates Palace Abu Dhabi 3

And when you look up you see this beautiful ornate dome that all the floors are arranged around.

Emirates Palace Abu Dhabi 2

All through the lobby there are several seating areas and places for people to chill at with VERY comfortable couches.

Emirates Palace Abu Dhabi 18

We sat and walked around all the areas we could have without getting into trouble.

Emirates Palace Abu Dhabi 17Emirates Palace Abu Dhabi 4Emirates Palace Abu Dhabi 7

One thing that stood out to me whenever I visited a hotel there was, the bathroom signs. They weren’t your typical “Men” and “Women” sings, they made them all different and I thought that was pretty cool.

Emirates Palace Abu Dhabi 5Emirates Palace Abu Dhabi 6

Check out the fresh hand towels in the corner, even in the public bathroom, no paper napkins here!

Emirates Palace Abu Dhabi 12

Next, we headed out into the giant courtyard. Look at how big it is compared to me!

Emirates Palace Abu Dhabi 16

Because it was so hot, no one was out here except us fools. (We went in May!)

Emirates Palace Abu Dhabi 15

I loved all the little details in the arches, domes and the floor.

Emirates Palace Abu Dhabi 10Emirates Palace Abu Dhabi 13Emirates Palace Abu Dhabi 14

It truly looked like how I would have imagined an Arabian Palace would look.

Do you have a favorite hotel that you’ve been to or would like to stay at some day?






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