Biking on the Corniche in Abu Dhabi, UAE

In Abu Dhabi, our apartment was near the Corniche, so almost every day whenever we went out, we’d pass by it. Corniche is a main waterfront road that spreads 5 miles in the city. It features beaches, parks, restaurants and cafes.

Corniche Abu Dhabi UAE

I always saw a bike rental place on it and thought we could do it one of the days when we didn’t have anything big planned.

Corniche Abu Dhabi UAE 4

That day came and I was ready to pitch the idea to my friend. I told her since we weren’t doing much that day, we could go explore the Corniche on bikes. She wasn’t too keen on the idea because I wanted to do it in the middle of the day. No one really did outdoor activities there that early in order to avoid getting overly hot and burnt in the desert heat (especially in the month of May and June).

Corniche Abu Dhabi UAE 6

I was on a travel high and way too excited about life to care about how hot it was going to be at 4pm on the Corniche. So I persuaded her AND another one of her friends and set out on this adventure (we ended up agreeing to go a little before sunset).

Corniche Abu Dhabi UAE 5

The bike rental was $8/hr from Fun Rides Sports which I thought was pretty reasonable and enough time to enjoy a good part of it.Corniche Abu Dhabi UAE 1

We rode through different parts of the beach, restaurants and cafes.

Aren’t these outdoor seating areas so nice? Also, notice how no one is really sitting here. I wonder why…

Corniche Abu Dhabi UAE 2Corniche Abu Dhabi UAE 8Corniche Abu Dhabi UAE 9

We even found an underpass with a fun mosaic.

Corniche Abu Dhabi UAE 10

And best of all, we got to see an awesome sunset!

Corniche Abu Dhabi UAE 7Corniche Abu Dhabi UAE 11

(Uphill struggles)

As our hour approached to an end, both of them said they had a good time. Living in Abu Dhabi their whole lives, they couldn’t believe that they had never done this before. You’re welcome! lol 😉



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