Burj Al Arab, Dubai, UAE

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Now on to the things I did in Dubai!Burj al Arab 8

My first post is about the iconic Burj Al Arab hotel that Dubai is so famous for. It sits in the Persian Gulf on a man-made island in the shape of a sail. The idea behind it was to have an icon that Dubai would be known for much like Eiffel Tower in Paris or the Statue of Liberty in New York City.

Burj al Arab 1

The structure was designed by Tom Wright and completed in 1999 just in time for the millennium celebrations. The interior was designed by Khuan Chew and is a fusion of contemporary and classical design.

Burj al Arab 2

When you enter this self proclaimed seven star hotel, you find yourself in a sea of vibrant colors and shapes. Then, you are pulled towards the escalators that lead you to the atrium (my favorite part).

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Burj al Arab 4

When you look up, you see this amazing view of all the different floors in a nice rhythmic pattern.

Burj al Arab 3

We decided we wanted to go up and look down to see what that looked like as well.

Burj al Arab 6

Which was also a fun surprise for our eyes!

Burj al Arab 5

We then proceeded to have lunch at Junsui, an Asian fusion restaurant.

Burj al Arab Junsui 1

As you can see the design was also a fusion of contemporary and traditional concepts.

Burj al Arab Junsui 2Burj al Arab Junsui 3

The dining area was beautiful and utilized mostly neutrals while incorporating different textures and shapes. In addition, we had a nice view of the Gulf while we ate.

Burj al Arab Junsui 4

It was a buffet restaurant so we got to try many things. My favorite was the Japanese style beef which was so tender and flavorful!

Burj al Arab Junsui 5

And the desserts, they were a sight to behold! Beautifully designed bite sized pieces that utilized exotic fruits that I had never heard of!

Burj al Arab Junsui 6

After we ate to our hearts desire, we went exploring to see the rest of the restaurant which included the bar area and…

Burj al Arab Junsui 7Burj al Arab Junsui 10

the bathroom! lol

Burj al Arab Junsui 8Burj al Arab Junsui 9

Such an interesting design for a bathroom. Although I did think it was neat, it was too dark for my liking. (I also left one of my favorite rings here on the shelf!:()

P.S. This place is really expensive. I was lucky that my friend’s dad had hookups!

So, what do you think of this hotel?



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    • Yea, you are right and it wasn’t what I was expecting. The restaurant was a nicer surprise though! 🙂

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