Atlantis Hotel – Dubai, UAE

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A lot of you have probably heard of the Atlantis Hotel. It’s pretty famous and I had the opportunity to stay in the one in Dubai (there is one in the Bahamas as well).Atlantis Hotel Dubai 17

This one is situated on the iconic Palm Jumeira Island in the middle of the Persian Gulf. It has incredible views of the Dubai skyline and the gulf.Atlantis Hotel Dubai 2

Also, I just want to point out that the service and hospitality here was so good! When we were checking in, we hadn’t paid for the skyline view room, but they gave it to us anyway!

Here is our room:Atlantis Hotel Dubai 9

There was a wooden sliding door that opened up to the bathtub in the bathroom.

Atlantis Hotel Dubai 10

There was also a balcony with amazing views which we sat on every morning to have breakfast!Atlantis Hotel Dubai 13Atlantis Hotel Dubai 18

Now for some more hotel pictures!Atlantis Hotel Dubai 8Atlantis Hotel Dubai 7Atlantis Hotel Dubai 11

This sculpture is located in the lobby and is made from hand blown glass. Everything had so much intricate detail and it was all in an oceanic theme.Atlantis Hotel Dubai 15

The glass theme was carried throughout the hotel.Atlantis Hotel Dubai 3Atlantis Hotel Dubai 14Atlantis Hotel Dubai 12

Mandatory picture of the bathroom sign…Atlantis Hotel Dubai 16

It almost like if there was an underwater palace, this is what it would look like.Atlantis Hotel Dubai 4

On our first day here, we found out there was an aquarium somewhere inside so we decided to check that out. And apparently, there are suites in the hotel which you can get that have aquariums running through them as well. Kind of cool if you are into that whole thing!Atlantis Hotel Dubai 20Atlantis Hotel Dubai 6

The aquarium had really weird sculptures in it….Atlantis Hotel Dubai 5Atlantis Hotel Dubai 19

Besides the aquarium, there is tons to do just within the hotel itself that you won’t even feel like you need to leave it (but please do because Dubai has so much more to offer). There are  many places to eat here, there’s the beach and there is even a water park which we went to. I have to say that in the heat, that water park was like heaven!

Overall, our stay here was pretty great, I really enjoyed it!


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