Ann Arbor, Michigan

Do you guys have friends that you’ve been friends with most of your life? The kind of friends that no matter how long you’ve been apart or how long you haven’t spoken to, you still pick up right where you left off? I know I’ve said it before and I’m going to say it again, I am so fortunate and blessed to have many of these kinds of friends.

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The reason why I’m talking about friends and friendship is because recently, I had the opportunity to hang out with three such friends. All four of us grew up together in Maryland and we hadn’t been in the same place together in a really long time. I moved away to California, and eventually,two of them got married and also moved away to different states.

So, in April, we decided we needed to change our lack of hanging out and have a mini reunion!

Ann Arbor Michigan 2

This reunion of ours took place in Novi, Michigan…well kind of. You see, Novi is where one of the friends lives, who’s house we all stayed at. However, we didn’t really stay there the whole time except to sleep and eat breakfast. We went to Ann Arbor, Detroit and Dearborn and it was awesome because we pretty much ate the whole time (mostly).

Ann Arbor Michigan 1

We started with Ann Arbor, a place that I had heard quite a lot about. It was such a cute town and the downtown area which we went to reminded me a lot of the downtowns here in the suburbs of Chicago.

We basically just walked around, checking out various stores. There were tons of cute boutiques and coffee shops that we went in and out of including this tea shop that sold cute tea things.

Ann Arbor Michigan 4

Then, the grand finale and highlight of that day was, Zingerman’s! It definitely lives up to it’s hype. It’s a deli/grocery store which sells amazing food.

Ann Arbor Michigan Zingermans 2

The menu was so huge, I think I took 15 minutes to figure out what I wanted and finally settled on a fried chicken sandwich.

Ann Arbor Michigan Zingermans 3

I can tell you right now, this was the best fried chicken sandwich I have ever had. EVER! Just thinking about it right now is making my mouth water.

Ann Arbor Michigan Zingermans 6Ann Arbor Michigan Zingermans 5

It was perfectly seasoned and perfectly juicy and PERFECTLY crisp! Are those enough perfects?

I’d do the four hour drive just for that to be honest (no offense Khol;)).

Basically, wherever you are in the world, put this sandwich on your list of things to eat! You will not be disappointed!

In the end, I leave you with this:

Ann Arbor Michigan Zingermans 4

Good food makes life more fun.

Words I can live by! What about you?




  1. Love it! I still need to try that sandwich. Came back and we can go again!

  2. I too feel blessed to have those kinds of friends in my life. I have not yet had the blessing of such a sandwich yet though. I’ll have to get on that!

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