Detroit, Michigan

Continuing with my incredible friend’s reunion weekend, our next trip was into Detroit!

Detroit Michigan 1

As you will continue to scroll down, you will see that we started off our Detroit tour by eating. Well, we walked around first to work up an appetite. We started at Eastern Market which is a huge place full of food, restaurants, art and culture.

Eastern Market Detroit Michigan 3Detroit Michigan 2Eastern Market Detroit Michigan 2

There are so may different areas here. And since it was spring time, there were flowers everywhere. We were also on a mission to find a jasmine plant for my friend who had been trying to find it for ages. She settled on an herb plant instead (because jasmine was no where to be found, even in all the flowers!)

Eastern Market Detroit Michigan 1Eastern Market Detroit Michigan

After walking around for a bit we ran into some food trucks. So, of course we had to stop! We split into two lines. Two of us went into the beignet line and two of us into a middle eastern food truck line.

Eastern Market Detroit Michigan 4Eastern Market Detroit Michigan 5

Both things were pretty good!

Eastern Market Detroit Michigan 7

This Mediterranean take on nachos from the Qais Food Truck was amazing! You could tell everything was fresh!

Eastern Market Detroit Michigan 6

Our next stop in Detroit was Belle Isle which is located in the Detroit River between United States and Canada. You can actually see the Canada side from here and also just FYI, you should know that sometimes your phone thinks you are in Canada and you may see a roaming sign on your phone! Kind of cool but also a little annoying if you are trying to make a phone call.

Anyway, I enjoyed this place a lot because guess what? there was a conservatory there! lol also the oldest running aquarium is situated here as well! It’s small and takes like 30 minutes to look at everything.

Belle Isle Aquarium Detroit Michigan 1Belle Isle Aquarium Detroit Michigan 2Belle Isle Aquarium Detroit Michigan 3

The conservatory was big and as always a great place to escape the chilly weather.

Belle Isle Conservatory Detroit Michigan 4Belle Isle Conservatory Detroit Michigan 1Belle Isle Conservatory Detroit Michigan 2Belle Isle Conservatory Detroit Michigan 3

Sometimes, I feel like I enjoy the design of the conservatory itself more than what’s inside. This one was designed by Albert Kahn and opened in 1904.

Belle Isle Conservatory Detroit Michigan 6Belle Isle Conservatory Detroit Michigan 5

The outside gardens were really nice as well. I can see myself chilling out here on a nice summer day!

Overall, our short visit to Detroit was successful and our next stop was Dearborn, where we had more amazing food! (Coming up next week!)



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