Dearborn, Michigan

Our final stop on this reunion weekend was Dearborn. My friend had been talking about an amazing place to get kababs from and it only seem fit that we go! So this place is located in a butcher shop. It’s called Dearborn Meat Market. Basically, they sell meat in the front and then in the back there is a small room in which they BBQ kababs! So you know you’re getting fresh ingredients!

Being amateurs, we ordered like 2 or 3 orders. But apparently that’s not enough, even for three people. I don’t remember how many orders we got, but here is a picture of all the kababs!

Dearborn Meat Market 1

Dearborn Meat Market 2

And of course, there is also hummus and tabouleh!

Dearborn Meat Market

Yea…it was pretty great. And even though we left feeling satisfied, we couldn’t leave Michigan without having custard because apparently it’s a thing there. And so, we went to The Custard Hut.

Custard Hut Dearborn Michigan

Okay, confession time: when my friend told me that we had to have custard from this place, I was so on board and I imagined a warm bowl of custard out of the oven with a waffle on the side. And since it was chilly, I was so ready for it!

Custard Hut Dearborn Michigan 1

When we got there, however, it was frozen custard in a waffle sandwich! I felt dumb. lol And although I was slightly disappointed when I first realized what it actually was, I did not leave feeling sad because man oh man, it was delicious!

Custard Hut Dearborn Michigan 2

I was ready for the waffle part to become soggy really fast (as it usually gets) but to my surprise, they stayed nice and crispy from the outside and soft and tasty from the inside! Basically, I recommend this place, it was really good!

In all of this food, I forgot to mention that on our way to Dearborn from Eastern Market in Detroit, we also stopped by the Islamic Center of America which is the largest Mosque in North America and the oldest Shia Mosque in the United States.

Islamic Center Dearborn Michigan 6Islamic Center Dearborn Michigan 2Islamic Center Dearborn Michigan 5

It was beautiful, I loved the dome in particular!

Islamic Center Dearborn Michigan 3Islamic Center Dearborn Michigan 4

So there you have it, that was our reunion weekend. It was a perfect mix of mostly food and some sight seeing and I can’t wait for the next!






  1. That food all looks sooo good. I’ve always wanted to go to Michigan ever since watching ‘In the land of women’ (Adam Brody… drool!)

    • tayonthemove Reply

      You know, I guess I will put that on my ‘to watch’ list!

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