An Evening in Annapolis, MD

Another city I had the opportunity to visit this summer was Annapolis which is the capital of the state of Maryland. I lived in Silver Spring, MD for 9 years and I never made it out here before!

So I decided it was about time that I went since I visit my siblings in the east coast all the time anyway. It is such a cute town and fun to walk around in. Our goal was to go inside the State House first thing but we didn’t make it in time to do that which is okay because I can always go back another time (hopefully).annapolis-capitol-maryland-1annapolis-capitol-maryland-2

This building is actually the oldest state capitol that’s been in continuous use dating back to 1772! How cool is that?!annapolis-capitol-maryland-4 annapolis-maryland-9

We walked around this area and then wandered off to Main St. which was pretty lively at the time (even though it may not seem like it from the pictures lol). There is a Naval Academy located in Annapolis and all the midshipmen (I think that’s the right term) were out with their families.annapolis-maryland annapolis-maryland-1

My friend had suggested going on a boat tour so after the capitol we made our way towards the harbor. On our walk there, we stopped at the Annapolis Ice Cream Company to grab some much needed ice cream. (Did I tell you how insanely humid it was that day?!) annapolis-ice-cream-company-2 annapolis-ice-cream-company-1

I got a cookies n’ cream flavor which was alright, but my friend got some coconut chocolate type of flavor and that was really good!

When we finally got to the harbor (not a long walk at all), we found out we missed the second to last tour and the next one wouldn’t be for another 30 minutes so we just sat at the docks and enjoyed the views. It was such a beautiful day (minus the humidity) and a great place to watch the sunset (which I love doing).
annapolis-harborannapolis-maryland-10 annapolis-maryland-5 annapolis-maryland-3

When we finally got on the boat, it was dark and I was a bit hesitant on having a tour at night because I wondered what would we be seeing in the dark. Regardless of my hesitation, we decided to go on it anyway since we were already there. It wasn’t bad but I think I would have preferred some daylight because then we would have really been able to see the architecture around the area which is what the tour was really about.  annapolis-maryland-6annapolis-maryland-8

After the 45ish minute tour, we headed out to find some food. We found a taco place called Vida Taco Bar (because I’m always up for tacos) but honestly it’s not really worth mentioning. It was not that great and expensive for no reason. However, I do have to admit that I can be a little over critical of tacos because I’ve had amazing tacos in Southern California for way cheaper!

The redeeming quality of this place was the bartender (who was awesome and took better care of us than our actual waiter) and the desert which was freshly made donuts (so good!)vida-taco-bar

And so we ended our evening on a sweet note! 🙂








  1. Yeah, I’m also not impressed by yuppie taco places where they charge you like $6 per taco… like, I can get better tacos for $1.50 each in my own neighborhood?? Boy, bye 😛
    That ice cream and those donuts look delish tho!

    • tayonthemove Reply

      Haha, yes I’m glad you agree! These tacos were $5 for just ONE!

  2. What a beautiful place! I especially like your sunset shots by the water. And I agree, the best tacos I had were also the cheapest ones 😉

    • tayonthemove Reply

      Yea it really was beautiful! Thanks for stopping by! 🙂

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