Easy & Affordable Table Setting Idea

Those who know me personally, know that I love getting people together for a meal. In the past when I have parties, my main focus would be on the food (making sure it’s delicious). But recently I’ve also been paying attention to presentation of the meal along with table settings!Easy & Affordable Table Setting

Last weekend I did a small get together with some friends who live nearby. And for this occasion, I decided to use things I had laying around the house for table setting. I spent absolutely no money, except for buying the ingredients for the food.

What you’ll need:
1. paper roll
2. mason jars (or any glass jars laying around the house)
3. greenery from your backyard (or front yard)
4. sharpie

What I did:
I used a paper roll for the center of the table. I always have this on hand because I like using it for wrapping presents. However, if you were to buy this, you can get it at the Dollar Tree for, well, a dollar! You could also get it from Target or Office supply store from the packaging sections for a little more. From these stores it will be a longer roll and more durable. But for this purpose, I was fine with the cheaper one!

I then brought out two mason jars (you can get 12 jars for $10 at Walmart). During the spring and summer, I literally just go out in my backyard and find weeds and flowers that are growing randomly and pick those. But since I did this party at the end of summer, most of the flowers were gone so I just picked some stems off of a bush. (Yea…)

I took the leaves off of the bottoms and cut them into two different lengths and just arranged them randomly in the jars.
Easy & Affordable Table SettingEasy & Affordable Table Setting
The different heights make it look a little more interesting.
Easy & Affordable Table Setting
I had some extra stems left over so I picked the leaves off and scattered them in the center.
Easy & Affordable Table Setting
I also decided to write the names of my guests with a black sharpie (I love sharpies) on the paper to make it a little more fun!
Easy & Affordable Table Setting
When they all came over, they appreciated my efforts.
Easy & Affordable Table Setting
And although this was pretty simple and not the fanciest thing in the world, I think it turned out quite nice.
Easy & Affordable Table Setting
I made fajitas!Easy & Affordable Table Setting
(That pasta you see in the picture, is leftovers…another reason to call friends over;))
Easy & Affordable Table Setting
(recipe coming soon)

So what do you think of this table setting?


  1. I am a big fan of “using what you have.” Pulling a few leaves off and scattering them between the jars was a nice touch!

    • tayonthemove Reply

      Thank you so much! And as far as the font in concerned, I just looked up a couple of youtube tutorials to help me out! 🙂

  2. This looks so sweet! I love the plant you chose. I’ve never thought of going DIY for the placemats – love it!!! I might have to copy this next time I have dinner guests :p

  3. Great idea! Even a ‘simple’ idea for a table setting makes everything look 10 times better! Lately I’ve also been trying to not only serve food to my guests but also have a nice table setting with candles and other stuff that I have on my hand 🙂

    • tayonthemove Reply

      Yes, totally agree! Why waste money when you can use the things you have at home?

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