Restaurant Review – Antico Posto an Italian Restaurant

This past Tuesday, we celebrated a friends engagement by taking her out to dinner. We let her decide on the place. She chose an Italian restaurant called Antico Posto. And before I get started, let me just say that as much as I love Italian food, I prefer making it at home because when you go to restaurants they give you oversized bowls of pastas which don’t ever finish or things are too cheesy for my taste (and I do love cheese). So, I was a bit hesitant when she told us her choice.antico-posto-italian-retaurant-9 antico-posto-italian-retaurant-2

However, let me just tell you right off the bat, this place was AH-MAZING! I don’t think I’ve ever enjoyed Italian food as much before! Everything was perfectly seasoned and cooked just right. There was five of us, we ordered 4 things that we all shared (I’m so lucky that all my friends like to share and want to eat/try more than one thing when going to a restaurant).

When we sat down they brought out bread with olive oil mixed in herbs and vegetables which was really good. Just from tasting this, I knew it was going to be a good experience!antico-posto-italian-retaurant-1

After looking over the menu for some time, we finally ordered the Eggplant Parmesan, Gnocchi Bolognese, Chicken Meatballs and Margherita Pizza. (I listed those in order of my preference.) I also liked that the menu wasn’t huge because when I see menus with a lot of pages, it just makes me really confused and ends up being harder to make a decision!
The parmesan crust on that eggplant was delicious and some how it remained crispy in the vibrant tomato sauce throughout the night as we all slowly devoured it.
antico-posto-italian-retaurant-3The gnocchi just melted in my mouth and the meat sauce that it came with was also yumm (I kind of wish it came with a little more).antico-posto-italian-retaurant-4The meatballs were made of chicken which I was a little weary about, but they surprised me by being moist and flavorful. The sauce had a little kick to it which is always welcomed by my taste buds.antico-posto-italian-retaurant-6The pizza was pretty good as well! I’ll eat anything with fresh mozzarella!

You may be wondering why the five of us shared four things. But you see, there was a reason behind that. We didn’t want to get full enough where we couldn’t have dessert! lol

So for dessert we ordered the Pistachio Gelato (which one of my friends was raving about) and something called the Chocolate Budino. antico-posto-italian-retaurant-8 antico-posto-italian-retaurant-7In my personal opinion, I thought the desserts were alright and would have rather ordered another plate of that Eggplant Parmesan!

Taste: 4/5 (mostly because the desserts were a bit disappointing)
Atmosphere: 4.5/5 (the lack of light always messes with my pictures lol)
Customer Service: 4/5 (although the waiter was nice, I kept feeling like he was rushing us)
Price: 5/5 (I thought everything was reasonably priced)
Overall Experience: 4.4/5 (I will be back! Plus I hear they have this really good steak sandwich on their lunch menu.)





  1. Super long menus are terrible! It’s never a good sign if a kitchen has quite so many dishes on prep… makes me feel like it can’t be that fresh.

  2. Yum! Looks like a classy place with a great menu! Perfect location for such an ooccasion 😉

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