Roundup of the 10 Most Viewed Blog Posts of 2017

Happy New Year ya’ll!! I can’t belive 2017 is over!! It was definitely full of lots of adventures and changes. I haven’t officially told you, so here it is, I recently accepted a job in Harrisburg, PA and now I am living here! Yes, that life of constant moving is behind me (for now at least). So I ended the year on a good note.Top 2017 Posts

As far as this post is concerned, here are the top most viewed posts of last year:

1. Two Days in NYC – This one continues to be the top post this year just like last year. The photos tell you why. I had an incredible two days there, full of food and fun!View from the Empire State Building

2. A Fall Brunch, Potato Skillet & Pumpkin Chocolate Chip Pancakes – Another favorite one of the year. Two simple and delicious recipes!

3. Where to eat in and around DC – This one is self explanatory. I’ve had amazing food in DC as I visit it often. This shows some of the spots I enjoyed!Places to eat in and around Washington DC Places to eat in and around Washington DC

4. FREEbie Friday, Eid Inspired Coloring Page – This coloring page was a hit this year! It was inspired by our annual Muslim holiday.

5. Sunken City, San Pedro, CA – This one continues to stay on the top, and you can see why! I always recommend this place when I hear someone is going to SOCAL.Sunken City San Pedro California Sunken City San Pedro California

6. Mt. Rubidoux, CA – Another California post. This is a hiking spot I went to on my last trip to Cali. I didn’t go last year at all, and I’m having withdrawal! (Maybe I’ll visit this year?)Mt Rubidoux Riverside California

7. Delicious Loaded Lasagna – A favorite recipe. No one has ever complained about it whenever I’ve made it. In fact, I made it just last weekend, and it was devoured! Loaded Lasagna Recipe

8. DIY Tea Party – It makes me happy that this was in the top! I always like throwing parties and this was one I had wanted to do for a long time! DIY Tea Party

9. New Orleans Louisiana Pt. 2 – Another memorable trip which was taken over a year ago. Absolutely loved how alive and colorful this city is!

10. The Streets of Pakistan – The most memorable trip of the year! I went to Pakistan earlier this year with my family and we all had such a great time. A family reunion after 9 years! But also, I got to take photos and look at it with my adult eyes and share the experience with you.Streets of Pakistan Streets of Pakistan Streets of Pakistan

2017 you were great, I am ready to take on the new year! Hope it’s a great one for everyone, full of blessings and happiness! Please keep me in your prayers. 🙂

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