Southern California Sunsets

It’s that time of the year when I’m missing California a little too much. This year’s East Coast winter has been brutal with below freezing temperatures and all I want to do is go somewhere warm.

So although I’m not going anywhere, I do have some photos of spots where I watched the sunset, from my last trip there. (It’s been too long!)Southern California Sunsets

1. Michael D. Antonovich Trail

The place to see the sunset here is right from the parking. I actually went here twice. Both times the sky was different.

Michael D Antonovich Trail San Dimas 1Michael D Antonovich Trail San Dimas 5

The second time I went, it was a little cloudy and was sprinkling. All the clouds made the sky do such beautiful things.Michael D Antonovich Trail San Dimas 3Michael D Antonovich Trail San Dimas 2Michael D Antonovich Trail San Dimas 4

2. Laguna Beach

This is probably one of my favorite beaches and the sunset views here are highly recommended! I have a whole blog post on this beach. Read it here.Laguna Beach 7Laguna Beach 8Laguna Beach 9

3. Corona Del Mar

Not only is the sunset gorgeous from this beach, but it’s a great place to do a bonfire as well. Having a bonfire at the beach is a must in California!Corona Del Mar 13Corona Del Mar 9Corona Del Mar 2

4. Skyline Drive Trail, Corona

In my trips to Cali, I usually stay in Corona. On my last day, my friend, S wanted to take me to another place from which I could view a pretty sky. We literally chased the sunset that day.Skyline Drive Trailead Corona 3Skyline Drive Trailead Corona 2

5. Newport Beach, CA

This place is where I experienced my first beach sunset in SOCAL. It was the closest beach to Chino, where I lived. My friends and I went there a lot and have such great memories from it!Newport Beach Sunset, California Newport Beach Sunset, California

Do you have a favorite place to watch the sunset from?


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