California Beaches

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Sunken City – San Pedro, California

*This post contains affiliate links. Clicking on them will not cost you anything.* In 1929 a landslide caused a community of homes to sink into the ocean. What remained was broken sidewalks and cracked roads. All of which have become a canvas for graffiti artists and a place to hang out for the adventurous. Sunken City is located in San Pedro, California (near Long Beach) and is fenced off with a “No Trespassing” sign. When I realized that you weren’t really allowed to go there, I kind of questioned it a bit. But once you see the pictures, you’ll understand why it was necessary that I went. Hopefully I won’t get into some sort of legal trouble for this post. I can see why it’s blocked off though. It looks a bit dangerous and if people aren’t careful they can easily slip and fall over the cliffs. So, how do you get there? It’s…

Corona Del Mar, California – A Beautiful Evening

Okay, more from Chicago later because now I am in CALIFORNIA and too excited to share what I have been up to so far. One of the best parts of being here is the fact that I left right when the snow started in Chicago. So I win! (If you couldn’t tell I am not the biggest fan of winter and snow.) As soon as I got here, I knew I wanted to go to the beach. So I planned a bonfire for the very next day, which is one of my favorite things to do. For this, so far I have found that Corona Del Mar Beach is the best. It’s located in a residential area and not too crowded. There are several pits located on the sand to make bonfires. For a bonfire you need: coals (and or wood but in Corona Del Mar you aren’t allowed to…