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Easy Cheesy Veggie Quesadillas

My first recipe, yay! Let’s see if I can manage to write out the measurements and instructions properly because I usually end up putting a little bit of this and a little bit of that and just eye ball things when I’m cooking. I’m going to share this very simple recipe because it was one of the first things I learned to make as a kid, when I was still a FOB (fresh off the boat). I didn’t grow up eating cereal or pop tarts or luncheables etc. I ate paratha egg rolls and dhaal chaval (rice and lentils). I even took that stuff to school. In middle school we had to take a home economics class which included a cooking unit. I was a bit hesitant about the cooking unit because I knew we would be making things I didn’t really like eating at the time. I obviously couldn’t…

The Milwaukee Domes – Milwaukee, WI

Last summer, when my friends were here, we ventured out to Wisconsin. They had already seen most of the touristy spots in Chicago, so I thought we should explore another state. One of the great things about being in the mid-west is that states are driving distance. Milwaukee, Wisconsin takes about an hour and a half from Chicago which is not bad for a day trip at all. When looking up things to do in Milwaukee, I found¬†Mitchell Park Horticulture Conservatory¬†AKA The Milwaukee Domes. (I told you I had a thing for conservatories.) This one was $7 dollars per person (or $5 if you have a student ID). It features three domes each with different themes, Tropical, Desert and The Floral Show Dome. We got there an hour and a half before closing and that was just enough time for us to see everything and take some selfies! I really…