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Blueberry & Mascarpone Cream Trifle

One of my all time favorite things is mascarpone cheese! IT’S SO GOOD!! I came across it when I had tiramisu for the first time ever and looked up how to make it. (Recipe for another day.) This recipe is so easy and delicious and is the last one I’ll be sharing from that Tea Party from February! Ingredients: -1 pint whipping cream -4 oz. Mascarpone cheese -1/2 cup confectioners sugar -1 packet of sponge cake dessert shells (I use these from Walmart) -1 cup or more blueberries -small trifle cups (I made them in these plastic cups for a super easy cleanup) Instructions: 1. Whip the cream in a bowl just until it starts thickening up a bit. Then, add the mascarpone cheese. Add sugar slowly and whip until it becomes creamy. Taste the sweetness as you go and add according to your taste. I don’t like my desserts to…