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Cantigny Park in Fall

Hello folks, today I have another beautiful fall post for your eyes to admire! My nieces are here so we are constantly trying to find places to take them and since it hasn’t gotten as cold yet, parks are the perfect place! I recently found a park in Wheaton, Illinois which is about 15ish minutes from me in Glen Ellyn. It’s called Cantigny Park and costs only $5 per car! However, it’s $10 per car on summer weekends. It’s all worth it in my opinion because there are tons of gorgeous gardens to walk through as well as museums with activities for kids! Unfortunately, the museums are closed on Mondays which is the day of the week we chose to go. Even though we were sad about that, it still turned out amazing because my nieces thoroughly enjoyed being outside in nature. The three year old ran around everywhere in happiness. (And as you will…

Three Dunes Challenge, Indiana Dunes National Park, IN

In the spirit of fall, I decided to share with you a hike I went on last October. It was the first time I went hiking after moving to Chicago. A friend who lives in Indiana told me her husband had gone to a hike nearby in Indiana Dunes National Park and asked if I was interested in checking it out with her. I was obviously interesting in checking it out because hiking is one thing I miss a lot here in the flatness of Chicago (as I’ve stated a few times already..so I apologize for my repetitiveness). We honestly got so lucky the day we chose to go because the weather was amazing! It was in the 60s with the sun shining high and bright as opposed to all the rain we’ve been getting lately. When we got there we didn’t know if we should only go up one sand dune or do…