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Heritage Village, Abu Dhabi, UAE

I’m going to start off by sharing with you the first place I went to when I arrived in Abu Dhabi. It was called Heritage Village which is basically a museum located on the Corniche that showcases the history of the UAE’s way of life. This is a fun and FREE thing to check out. The museum showcases jewelry, armor and basically every day items that people used back in the day. There are also setups of actual houses and campsites for you to go into and check out. I really enjoyed this part. You could actually see exactly how rooms would have been set up, where a baby would have slept, where people would have gathered in front of campfires, etc. In addition to all that, there are workshops here where different skills like metal work and pottery can be viewed. My favorite part was of the boats that were out by the water (is that even…

Mt. Rubidoux – Riverside, CA

Yes, a California post! I went there again for a wedding a few weeks ago. Just like my last visit, the weather was perfect and I enjoyed it to the fullest! Whenever I was free, I took the opportunity to be outside. This post is about a very cool hiking trail on Mount Rubidoux in Riverside. A friend suggested it and I was ever ready to check it out! This mountain has some history behind it and is the site for Easter Sunrise services. There has been several historic markers placed here much like the big cross at the very top which is dedicated to Fray Junipero Serra. He was a Roman Catholic Priest who founded the California Missions. There are giant steps to get to the cross, so be careful climbing them. But once there, it is so peaceful and beautiful. We sat here for a while eating snacks (Hot Cheetos and bananas), chit chatting and…