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Waterfall Glen – Darien, IL

**Edited on January 5, 2017** I have no idea what happened to this blog post, but I recently noticed that it was blank! So because of that, you will only be seeing pictures from a hike I took last winter when the weather finally lit up. It was a gorgeous 40ºF after being below freezing for several days. Enjoy! 🙂

A Road Trip – LA to Chicago Day 1: Grand Canyon, AZ

I guess I should start by talking about how I got to Chicago. Well, I road tripped with two friends. And. It. Was. Epic! This was the longest road trip I had done sans family which was a pretty big deal. I think this is the appropriate time to tell you that I come from a very traditional conservative Pakistani Muslim family. Unmarried girls don’t usually do this sort of thing. Which may come as a surprise to most of the western world where as soon as you hit 18 you are allowed to do pretty much anything you want and essentially no one can stop you. Well, if I was moving to Chicago, this was the only way I was doing it and I’m so glad I did because it has become a very memorable experience!Okay, now onto the actual road trip part which I will be dividing into…