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A Majestic Sunset on the Susquehanna

For this post, I really don’t want to say much except that I planned an evening out with my friend, T and we unexpectedly got to experience one of the most magical sunsets ever! (I have decided that I’m going to start using initials in my posts from now on instead of saying “my friend” all the time.) Originally, we had decided to meet up at Home 231 (a restaurant) after she got off work. But as I was driving on Front St. to get to the restaurant, I noticed the river was foggy and continuously changing. I thought to myself there is no way I’m not stopping here for a bit. So I called up T and told her to meet me at the river first. She was so glad that I did because just look at these photos!   Shout out to T for being a natural model! Is there a…

Laguna Beach, California

I don’t know if you are tired of seeing numerous beach pictures but this will be my last beach post for a while…or will it? This is actually one of my favorite one’s that I’ve been to in Southern California (well, besides La Jolla, San Diego but I didn’t get to go there this time around). I went here as soon as I got off the plane. I landed at 8am and was out of the airport by 9am. I left behind freezing temperatures along with snow fall in Chicago and landed to an 80 degree sunny California. So it was only obvious that the first thing I do was hit the beach! One of the reasons why I love Laguna Beach is because it has sandy, rocky, and grassy areas. All these options on one beach are pretty awesome if you ask me because you don’t always want to…