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Easy DIY Glitter Vases

Today I will be showing you the easiest way to make glamorous vases. You can use these as beautiful centerpieces for any occasion or just as a fun touch to any side table at home. I made them for a party we did for my 5 year old niece because she wanted glittery things on the dinner tables. They were so easy to make that she helped me make them too! What You Need: 1. Glitter 2. Cans (I saved the cans I used from the chili I made last week) 3. Mod Podge 4. Foam Brush 5. Deep Bowl 6. Paper Bowl What You Do: 1. Take the paper labels off. 2. Rinse and dry cans thoroughly. 3. Squeeze out some mod podge in a paper bowl. 4. Pour glitter into the deep bowl. 5. Use the foam brush to cover the bottoms of the cans with the glue. A nice even…