Snapchat Story Series – Road Trip Silver Spring, MD to Glen Ellyn, IL

Hello everyone! I hope you are all doing well and have been having an eventful summer! I sure have been which is why I’m a bit behind on my blog posts! However, I just got back from exploring around the east coast so it’s time to get back on track. While you wait around for me to catch up and get organized, here is a little video of my … Continue reading Snapchat Story Series – Road Trip Silver Spring, MD to Glen Ellyn, IL

Detroit Michigan 2

Detroit, Michigan

Continuing with my incredible friend’s reunion weekend, our next trip was into Detroit! As you will continue to scroll down, you will see that we started off our Detroit tour by eating. Well, we walked around first to work up an appetite. We started at Eastern Market which is a huge place full of food, restaurants, art and culture. There are so may different areas here. And … Continue reading Detroit, Michigan

Taste of Chicago 2016 1

Taste of Chicago 2016 Review

Yesterday, I went to the Taste of Chicago and it felt necessary to share my experience with you this morning rather than Monday morning in case someone out there is debating whether they should go or not and are dying to know what I thought about it. For those that don’t know, It’s a food festival where various local restaurants and food vendors set up booths so people can come … Continue reading Taste of Chicago 2016 Review

Chill Out Dubai 1

Chillout Ice Lounge – Dubai, UAE

This will be my last post about the UAE (at least until I remember something else or go again one day). One of the days in Dubai, we didn’t have much planned so we looked up random things to see and do. We came across a very interesting place called Chillout Ice Lounge. We contemplated for a while whether we should go or not but ultimately … Continue reading Chillout Ice Lounge – Dubai, UAE