A Festive Flower Backdrop

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As you know by now, I am obsessed with flowers and need any excuse to use them. My latest creation was a backdrop for my friend, A’s henna party! (The same one, I did a garden tea party bridal shower for:)DIY Flower Back Drop

When I was asked, I was excited to take on the task and immediately searched Pinterest for inspiration. I found many ideas that I liked but all of my favorites included flowers and finally, decided to make a flower background.

I came across A Practical Wedding blog which had a step by step tutorial that I followed pretty easily. DIY Flower Back Drop

At first the venue was supposed to be outside; however when it got closer to the date, we realized the weather was unpredictable and figured it would be best to change it to an indoors event instead. There were random thunderstorms happening in Maryland and we didn’t want to risk ruining the party!

When the venue changed, my challenge was to figure out how to make the hanging flowers look appealing with a gray wall behind it instead of pretty green nature.DIY Flower Back Drop

My solution was to purchase sheer fabric and hang that behind the flowers so there was more of a colorful and whimsical feeling. I chose the colors based on the outfit the bride-to-be was going to be wearing. Her outfit was a peach-y color and so I knew instantly sage would be a perfect complimentary background color!

As I began the design process, I researched where to get good quality flowers for the best price and settled on GlobalRose.com. I got 200 stems of carnations for under $100 in very good condition! The tip they gave on the website was to order them a few days in advance so they had enough time to fully bloom. They had a good variety and had the exact colors I was looking for! And in all honesty, a few didn’t bloom as much as I wanted, but that didn’t stress me out too much (you can’t control mother nature). I ended up gently opening them up with my thumbs and they worked fine.

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DIY Flower Back Drop

Then it came time for fabric. I went to JoAnn’s first, just to see what I could get. But unfortunately, it was too pricey for the amount that I needed. So, I started to look at online wholesale fabrics and found that Fabric Wholesale Direct was my best option. I purchased Sheer Voile Fabric in sage and yellow which hung very well!DIY Flower Back Drop

Per A’s request, I also added ferry lights to the background, behind the fabric which added another beautiful element to the whole thing!DIY Flower Back Drop

I can’t take full credit for putting this whole thing together though. Yes, it was my research and vision but A’s sister-in-law help me make the 15 individual flower garlands that hung from the 7’x10′ frame. And a couple other friends help me put it all together within two hours on the day of the event. (Perhaps it’s time for a party planing team?) DIY Flower Back Drop

Would love to hear your thoughts on this set up!


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