Three Dunes Challenge, Indiana Dunes National Park, IN

In the spirit of fall, I decided to share with you a hike I went on last October. It was the first time I went hiking after moving to Chicago. A friend who lives in Indiana told me her husband had gone to a hike nearby in Indiana Dunes National Park and asked if I was interested in checking it out with her. I was obviously interesting in checking it out because hiking is one thing I miss a lot here in the flatness of Chicago (as I’ve stated a few times already..so I apologize for my repetitiveness). We honestly got so lucky the day we chose to go because the weather was amazing! It was in the 60s with the sun shining high and bright as opposed to all the rain we’ve been getting lately. When we got there we didn’t know if we should only go up one sand dune or do…

Mt. Rubidoux – Riverside, CA

*This post contains affiliate links. Clicking on them will not cost you anything.* Yes, a California post! I went there again for a wedding a few weeks ago. Just like my last visit, the weather was perfect and I enjoyed it to the fullest! Whenever I was free, I took the opportunity to be outside. This post is about a very cool hiking trail on Mount Rubidoux in Riverside. A friend suggested it and I was ever ready to check it out! This mountain has some history behind it and is the site for Easter Sunrise services. There has been several historic markers placed here much like the big cross at the very top which is dedicated to Fray Junipero Serra. He was a Roman Catholic Priest who founded the California Missions. Booking.com There are giant steps to get to the cross, so be careful climbing them. But once there, it is so peaceful and beautiful. We sat…

Waterfall Glen – Darien, IL

**Edited on January 5, 2017** I have no idea what happened to this blog post, but I recently noticed that it was blank! So because of that, you will only be seeing pictures from a hike I took last winter when the weather finally lit up. It was a gorgeous 40ºF after being below freezing for several days. Enjoy! 🙂

Claremont Loop, California – A Hiking Trail

Besides sitting at the beach for countless hours, my other favorite thing to do is hiking which is something I really miss in Chicago because it’s pretty flat here. My recent visit to California was for a wedding but I decided to stay for two weeks and make a mini vacation out of it. Trying to pack everything I wanted to do and see in that short time was very difficult. And so, for some reason I thought it was a good idea to go hiking the morning of the actual wedding. And because of that, the other crazies (my lovely friends) and I decided we would do a less intense hike so we can all stay alive when the actual time for the wedding came around. One of my friends lives in Upland and suggested we do the Claremont Loop hike which I had also heard about before so…