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Brownie Truffles

I made these truffles for the tea party I did a few weeks ago. They are super easy and only require a few ingredients        Ingredients -Brownie Fudge Mix (it’s important they are FUDGE brownies) -2 cups Chocolate Chips -1 cup White Chocolate Chips (optional) Instructions 1. Bake brownies according to the instructions on the box. 2. After they are cool, take a fork and crumble them. 3. At this point you will be able to pick a tablespoon worth and roll it into balls and place them on a tray lined with parchment paper. (Make as many as you can. Mine yielded about 18) 4. Freeze them for an hour, until firm. 5. Melt the chocolate chips over a double boiler and dip the brownie balls into it. Use a spoon to make sure it’s fully covered. Using a fork, take them out and set aside on parchment paper. 6.…