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Roundup of the 10 Most Viewed Blog Posts of 2017

Happy New Year ya’ll!! I can’t belive 2017 is over!! It was definitely full of lots of adventures and changes. I haven’t officially told you, so here it is, I recently accepted a job in Harrisburg, PA and now I am living here! Yes, that life of constant moving is behind me (for now at least). So I ended the year on a good note. As far as this post is concerned, here are the top most viewed posts of last year: 1. Two Days in NYC – This one continues to be the top post this year just like last year. The photos tell you why. I had an incredible two days there, full of food and fun! 2. A Fall Brunch, Potato Skillet & Pumpkin Chocolate Chip Pancakes – Another favorite one of the year. Two simple and delicious recipes! 3. Where to eat in and around DC…