Claremont Loop, California – A Hiking Trail

Besides sitting at the beach for countless hours, my other favorite thing to do is hiking which is something I really miss in Chicago because it’s pretty flat here.California Hiking Trail - Claremont Loop

Claremont Loop 6

My recent visit to California was for a wedding but I decided to stay for two weeks and make a mini vacation out of it. Trying to pack everything I wanted to do and see in that short time was very difficult. And so, for some reason I thought it was a good idea to go hiking the morning of the actual wedding. And because of that, the other crazies (my lovely friends) and I decided we would do a less intense hike so we can all stay alive when the actual time for the wedding came around.

Claremont Loop 1Claremont Loop 14Claremont Loop 4

One of my friends lives in Upland and suggested we do the Claremont Loop hike which I had also heard about before so I agreed to it immediately and rounded up the troops (there were 5 of us total).

Claremont Loop 3Claremont Loop 11Claremont Loop 13

In my opinion this hike is an easier one. We also only did 3 miles instead of the whole 5 mile loop (so maybe if we had continued up, it may have been harder). We hiked to the 1.5 mile point and then came back down the same way we went up.

Claremont Loop 10Claremont Loop 12Claremont Loop 15

One of the reasons why I love hiking is that you get to enjoy nature and don’t necessarily feel like you’re working out. You are just enjoying the views and in the meantime can end up burning more calories than actually running depending on how long you go. And best of all, when you have friends to accompany you, it feels less strenuous and goes by so fast!

Claremont Loop 7

Make sure to take plenty of water with you! This hike took us about an hour and fifteen minutes (including the occasional stop to take pictures) but on longer hikes (more than two hours) I like to take a backpack full of fruits and vegetables and other not-so-healthy snacks. It’s always fun to stop at the top and snack on something while enjoying the view.


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