Inspiration Kitchen, Garfield Park, Chicago

I went to this restaurant after visiting the Garfield Park Conservatory which I wrote about in my previous post. When we were done, it was lunch time so when looking up places to eat around this area, Inspiration Kitchen showed up with really good reviews.

Inspiration Kitchen Garfield Park 4

We got fried chicken and biscuits from here and I just have to say that this was probably some of the best friend chicken and biscuits I have had!

Inspiration Kitchen Garfield Park 3

The chicken was perfectly crisp and seasoned really well. The biscuits had cheddar cheese in them and were so delicious! The side of Macaroni and Cheese was just okay (I’m not the biggest Mac-n-Cheese fan in general though).

Inspiration Kitchen Garfield Park 1

The menu changes seasonally and I think that if a restaurant does this, most likely it means that they get the most fresh local ingredients.

Inspiration Kitchen Garfield Park 2

In addition, they also have a great story on how they help with the poverty stricken areas in Chicago.






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