New York City in 2 days! – Part 1

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As summer is coming to an end, I believe it’s time to share all that I’ve been up to these past few weeks!New York City

It all started when a friend of mine from the UK called me up and asked if I’d be free to show her around while she was visiting here for a wedding that we both were going to attend. And so since I am always ready for adventures, I said yes!

The big thing on her list of places to see was New York City which ended up working out nicely because it was a 3 hour drive to NYC from Harrisburg, Pennsylvania where we both would be. Between the wedding festivities and sight seeing, we only had two days for NYC, so I knew it would be hard to fit everything in. But somehow, we managed to do it all! Mostly because we were both very determined to not waste a minute of our time.

We headed out early Wednesday morning at 5 AM and got there at 8 AM. We actually drove straight to the hotel which I booked via And before I go any further, let me tell you about this hotel. It was La Quinta Inn & Suites Brooklyn. The location was good because it was a 10 minutes walk to the metro station that took us right into the city. The deal was also great, I got it for $150/night including parking! They were very limited in the parking and it was first come first serve (I got lucky and found parking), but they were so nice! They let me park there way before check in and way after check out! I definitely recommend staying with them. The hotel itself was clean enough and perfect for our need, which was just a night to sleep.


Okay, so once we parked, we took the train right to the Brooklyn Bridge which was on my list of top things to see in NYC mainly because I had been to this city many times before but never got the opportunity to walk it. And man were we lucky to be there on this clear beautiful not-so-humid day.

Brooklyn Bridge NYCI absolutely loved walking on this bridge! Not only was it a great day for pictures, but the views were really incredible too. You could see the NYC skyline and other bridges as well as a very distant view of the Statue of Liberty.Brooklyn Bridge NYC 1Brooklyn Bridge NYC 6But honestly, most of all I could not get enough of the bridge itself. I loved its design and all the patterns the cables made.Brooklyn Bridge NYC 3Brooklyn Bridge NYC 5

This steel suspension bridge was designed by John Augustus Roebling and was the first of it’s kind in the world to span 1,600 feet from tower to tower.Brooklyn Bridge NYC 7Brooklyn Bridge NYC 4


After we were satisfied with our pictures here at the Brooklyn Bridge, our next stop was the 911 memorial which was close to the other side of the bridge!911 Memorial NYC 1These pictures really do not do justice to the memorial but I really really liked it a lot. The design is simple and…well, magical. There are two waterfall pools in the spot where the twin towers once stood and when the sun reflects on the falling water, it looks like glitter is falling down.911 Memorial NYC 2911 Memorial NYC 3

It’s one of those places that you have to see in real life so put it on your list of things to see!

9/11 Memorial + Statue of Liberty


Next up was lunch so we headed towards the Chelsea Market that I had heard so much about.Chelsea Market NYCChelsea Market NYC 1Once again, I was faced with the problem of choosing a place to eat at from so many choices!Chelsea Market NYC 2We settled on Los Tacos No. 1 because I’m always up for tacos and I figured if it’s number one then I’d better try it. Plus my friend had never really had a good taco and that was unacceptable.Los Tacos Chelsea Market NYC 1Los Tacos Chelsea Market NYC 2I had steak tacos with all the salsas they had to offer in their salsa bar! It was pretty good. The steak was tender and flavorful and the salsa was fresh.

As we walked through the market, I really enjoyed this art piece made of twinkling lights. It was fun to spend a few moments there while someone played an instrument underneath it.

On our way out we came across a donut shop called Doughnuttery which looked like it was making fresh mini donuts so we had to try it.Doughnuttery Chelsea Market NYC 1There was a little machine that was plopping out cute little donuts into oil that were being fried before our eyes! It was so cute! We got 6 to share. I got 3 powdered sugar ones and my friend got the cinnamon sugar ones. Mine, were good, hers weren’t as much.Doughnuttery Chelsea Market NYC 2


Then, when our stomachs and eyes were full, we headed towards Wall Street.Wall St NYCWe didn’t see the famous bull, but instead we walked into Trinity Church which was beautiful!Trinity Church NYC 1Trinity Church NYC 2We got there just when mass had finished so I was able to take a couple of pictures.Trinity Church NYC 3After the church, we stumbled upon Federal Hall which is the place where George Washington took the oath of office as our first president. I didn’t even know this was here so it was a nice surprise!Federal Hall NYC 1And on the plus side, it was FREE to get in! Once you enter, you are greeted by beautiful columns and dome.Federal Hall NYC 2Federal Hall NYC 3Federal Hall NYC 4There are also a few exhibits you can check out while you are there.


We didn’t take a long time here, it’s a quick thing to see on your way through the city and on our walk towards our next stop, the Empire State Building!Empire State Building NYCWe went here near sunset which was such a beautiful time to go! I suggest you book a ticket for this in advance to save time.Empire State Building NYC 2Empire State Building NYC 3This is such a good spot to go to get breathtaking views of the city.Empire State Building NYC 5Empire State Building NYC 11We probably spent an hour here and could have spent even longer (if we weren’t on a time crunch) admiring the views of the city against the colorful sky as well as the twinkling city lights once it got dark.Empire State Building NYC 9Empire State Building NYC 10Empire State Building NYC 8

There were so many people here so it was a bit of a struggle to find a place to stand without someone’s head blocking the view. However, do you know where there’s even more people than this? Time freaking Square!

TIME SQUARETime Square NYC 2Which was our next and final stop of the day. We went here because it’s a big tourist attraction but honestly I don’t think it’s anything special. What you’ll see is a bajillion people and a bunch of huge digital billboards.Time Square NYC 3(Except this American flag was cool.)Time Square NYC 4ImageI may be smiling in this picture, but from the inside I’m crying. I mean just look at all the people! lol

Well there you have it, day one of our NYC trip! Stay tuned next week for part two! YAY!

Have you ever been to NYC before?


  1. I enjoyed this, can’t wait for part 2!! 🙂 the pictures are excellent! loved the bridge photos a lot 🙂

  2. What a lovely post. Your photo’s are fabulous. I love the twinkling lights in Chelsea Market and there are so many great places to visit that this has to go on my ‘bucket list’ .. Thanks for sharing and inspiring with this post! x

  3. Loved the article and the pictures!! Also, the last part (the one with time square) was hilarious. Thank you for sharing this with us. It’s always good to hear an honest, real opinion 🙂

    • tayonthemove Reply

      You’re welcome, and thanks for stopping by! 🙂

  4. Thank you for your sharing of this lovely post. I had been there a decade ago and miss my big apple so very much. your post get my smile….thank you so much!

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