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Chocolate Bar Hot Chocolate

The only good thing about winter is being able to drink hot chocolate. As a lover of this delicious warm drink, I am pretty particular about how it’s made. It needs to be creamy, not overly chocolate-y (be made with Belgian chocolate), topped off with fresh whipped cream and served in a beautiful copper mug. #diva Someone recently brought us a can of Bouchard Belgian Chocolate Coins and that is what I used to make this with. Otherwise, I probably would have used Cadbury (only from the UK though). This post is making me sound like a snob. I swear I’m not…lol. But the truth is, I’m just not a fan of American chocolate. ;P Yields 2 cups Ingredients For hot chocolate -1 3/4 cups whole organic milk -1.5 oz of chocolate (about 1 bar of chocolate) Ingredients for Whip Cream -1/4 cup whipping cream -1 tbs powder sugar (or to your taste) Instructions:…