New Orleans, Louisiana Part 2

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My NOLA adventures continued the next day with starting the morning off by getting more beignets from another place I had researched called Cafe Beignet.New Orleans Cafe BeignetNew Orleans Cafe Beignet 1New Orleans Cafe Beignet 2

And let me tell you, these were so good! They were light and airy and fluffy just the way I like them. So glad we found this place otherwise I would have left NOLA feeling incomplete.Garden District in New Orleans, Louisiana

Then, we headed back to the Garden District via the streetcar. The ride was enjoyable and it felt like we got a tour of the whole area because we saw all the beautiful mansions that the district is known for. These magnificent Greek Revival and Victorian style homes were laid out in 1832 by Barthelemy Lafron after the Louisiana Purchase.New Orleans Garden District 5

We got off by Audubon Park to take a walk and look around. The live oak trees here were so grand and almost fairy tale like which were worth the walk in the NOLA humidity.New Orleans Garden District 4New Orleans Garden District 3

After we walked around here we took the car back to French Quarter and strolled through Bourbon Street. This is one of the famous streets in NOLA (mainly for it’s partying scene).New Orleans Bourbon St

My friend and I aren’t really into the whole partying thing, but for the sake of it’s historical significance and the fact that it is a huge attraction, we decided to walk through it at least once. It dates back to 1798 and is the heart of the French Quarter.

We found dinner around here at the Acme Oyster House. When we arrived, we ordered Boo Fries on a whim. They are fries topped with roast beef gravy and cheese and let me tell you, they were DELICIOUS! SO good! We finished them completely!New Orleans Oyster Bar

Then, for the main coarse we ordered the Fried Fish Platter and Hush Puppies. Everything was flavorful and delicious. Once again, the lighting in here was not good for my camera phone to take decent pictures. What is up with all the dim lighting in restaurants?

Next, we headed to my favorite part of this trip, Frenchmen Street. We had originally gone in search for a Jazz Cafe. When we got there, it was full and so instead we kept walking and stumbled upon the Frenchmen Art Market.

This place was incredible. I loved the vibe here. People were selling their art and you could hear music coming from different parts of the street.Frenchmen Art Market in New Orleans, LouisianaNew Orleans Frenchmen St

My friend stopped next to a jewelry stand and spoke to a ring maker who told us his inspiring story. He started working as an electrician post-Katrina to help his uncle. He soon realized he could use the copper wiring to make jewelry and now is doing this successfully full time!New Orleans Frenchmen Art MarketNew Orleans Frenchmen Art Market 2New Orleans Frenchmen Art Market 1New Orleans Frenchmen Art Market 4

We ended this night with finally going to a Jazz Club! There were so many but we picked one with a guy standing outside saying that the entry is free. So we said free? Sure, why not! (Unfortunately, I cannot remember the name.) I’m glad we finally got to experience this music live because it was incredible.

After this night was over I had the next morning to myself because my friend had a conference she needed to attend. I took this opportunity to find another good breakfast place and take one last stroll through the city before my flight back home.

I found Cafe Fleur De Lis based on my search for crispy hash browns which is exactly what I ordered when I got here along with more bread pudding and orange juice. It was all good especially the syrup that came with the pudding, too good!New Orleans Cafe Fleur De Lis 1New Orleans Cafe Fleur De Lis 2

After breakfast, I took one last look at Jackson Square which probably was my favorite part of the city.New Orleans Jack Square St Louis Cathedral 3

There was a man playing an instrument, it was beautiful and I totally got lost in it. I got a chance to record a little bit of it, hope you enjoy!

Have you ever been to NOLA? I would love to hear your experiences!

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