Mt. Rubidoux – Riverside, CA

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Yes, a California post! I went there again for a wedding a few weeks ago. Just like my last visit, the weather was perfect and I enjoyed it to the fullest! Whenever I was free, I took the opportunity to be outside.Mt Rubidoux Riverside California - A beautiful hike in Southern California

This post is about a very cool hiking trail on Mount Rubidoux in Riverside. A friend suggested it and I was ever ready to check it out!Mt Rubidoux Riverside California 1Mt Rubidoux Riverside California 3

This mountain has some history behind it and is the site for Easter Sunrise services. There has been several historic markers placed here much like the big cross at the very top which is dedicated to Fray Junipero Serra. He was a Roman Catholic Priest who founded the California Missions.Mt Rubidoux Riverside California 9Mt Rubidoux Riverside California 7Mt Rubidoux Riverside California 13

There are giant steps to get to the cross, so be careful climbing them. But once there, it is so peaceful and beautiful. We sat here for a while eating snacks (Hot Cheetos and bananas), chit chatting and enjoying the views.Mt Rubidoux Riverside California 11Mt Rubidoux Riverside California 10

Besides the history around it, the hike itself was really good. The views of the snow capped mountains were incredible. And because of all the rainfall in California recently, there was actual greenery and flowers scattered throughout!Mt Rubidoux Riverside California 4Mt Rubidoux Riverside California 5

The hike is a 2.7 mile loop which we did in about an hour and a half. It was a pretty easy hike with gradual inclines. What’s great is that the Ryan Bonaminio Park is right next to the mountain so you can just park your car there and walk over to the trail.Mt Rubidoux Riverside California 12Mt Rubidoux Riverside California 8Mt Rubidoux Riverside California 15

People come here to watch the sunset and to watch the city lights as well. Since the whole trail is paved, I can see how it would be easy to access at night too. Definitely want to go back to see the nightly views!


  1. Definitely a lovely hike, and I bet it looks great in the dark too! It seems like it’s very accessible, but provides enough of a challenge (the incline, the steps, etc) to keep it interesting. And you’re not kidding about that view! Amazing! Thanks for sharing.

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